Nursing home without walls


Long Term Home Health Care

Fort Tryon Center offers LTHHCP (Long Term Home Health Care Program), also known as the Lombardi Program, is for people who are medically eligible to live in a nursing home for a long time, but prefer to live at home or with another responsible adult. Instead of going to a nursing home to get the help you need, we bring the help to your home, so you can stay there safely for as long as possible.   You must be eligible for Medicaid in order to get this service. Upon enrollment, a registered nurse will manage the case help you decide what services are needed to remain safely at home as long as possible. The nurse will make sure that all of the people providing help work together to keep the resident safe and at home.  

Utilizing the services of Fort Tryon’s LTHHCP program provides three main benefits:

  • It helps avoid going into a nursing home or other institution before it is absolutely necessary.
  • It helps people who have been living in institutions  move back to the community;
  • It helps people avoid having to go to the hospital by giving them medical services in their homes and keeping them healthy.